About the Focused Portfolios™ Assessment process

Gaye is an active early childhood education consultant throughout the U.S. She provides consulting services to schools and programs to do what's right for young children and guidance in providing developmentally appropriate curricular practices and assessment procedures.

In her writings and staff development sessions, she focuses on implementing learning through play and exploration, incorporating early learning standards, and assessing children's progress through observation and portfolios. Her suggestions are realistic and practical and help early educators continue to focus on meeting the needs of individual children and to maintain their passion for their work.

Gaye is a former preschool, kindergarten and primary teacher of both regular and special education. With her classroom experience in play-based curriculum and authentic assessment, and her extensive experience as a staff development specialist, she helps others truly understand and implement best practices for young children.

Staff development services range from keynote presentations to on-going, long-term consulting. Gaye works closely with those in leadership positions to determine the needs of their organizations and to customize training and consulting services to meet identified goals. Gaye's emphasis is on staff development that builds over time rather than on a one-shot, workshop approach. Recognizing that true change takes place through multiple contacts to learn new information and try it out with follow-up sessions to fine tune implementation and get questions answered. Contact Gaye through this website to discuss your staff development needs.